Q : What do I have to do to start a project?

A: I require a deposit to start any project so that I know we're both serious about going forward. I will ask for the bands logo, album art , mp3 or wav file, and lyrics to begin.


Q : How long does it take to finish a video?

A: It all depends on how long the song is. Turn around time is from 4-7 days. It may be longer depending how many projects I am working on at the moment.


Q: How will I receive my finished video?

A: I will either upload it to your YouTube account once you give me your login information or I will send you a private message so you can download the file.


Q: Can you work with an audio file that has not been mastered?

A: I would rather work from a mastered track so I don't have to waste any time and by going back re-doing work is time wasted. I have to time up the lyrics to audio and having the mastered track comes in handy.


Q: Can I work with images and logo's that are not High Quality?

A: I would rather work with images and logo's that are high quality because the video will look better in the end. When I work with images that are low quality they tend to make the final video look less professional and pixelated.


Q: Will I be given the final rendered video before a final payment is made?

A: I will not deliver a project until the final payment is made and then I will send you the link from dropbox or I can upload the video to your YouTube channel.