Kevin is a great artist. It was fun working with him, and seeing his ideas for our video. He did a great job and we love the outcome! Thanks a lot for your professional work!”
Kevin Desjardin is the man for the job. The product Kevin delivered is exactly what I hoped it would be, freaking badass. Thank you!”
— JB Andrews
I’m so very lucky to have found Kevin. I’m completely satisfied and extremely thrilled with the work he did for our video. He took my original concept and took it to a level I didn’t think was possible. He included all of the ideas we had for the video and elevated them his expertise. Kevin is very professional, he delivered the video in the timetable we discussed, despite being in the middle of a move. He was very easy to communicate with and did a great job keeping us updated. I definitely want to work to Kevin again and recommend him to any band or musician who wants a video.
— Shepherd
Could not have been happier with Kevin’s work. Incredibly efficient and amazingly high quality, and more than willing to work with our ideas and edits, while also adding his own particular touch. He was enthusiastic and involved and very professional, right from the start. Highly recommended!
— Beyond Grace
Working with Kevin was one of the best decisions we have made. His work is top notch and he actually cares about the product. When we talked to him he seemed excited and interested to work with us on the video. This is more than a paycheck to him and that is the reason we worked with him. We will continue working with him in the future. He’s a great dude who always puts a great product out.
— Set Your Anchor
We came to Kevin for our first ever lyric video after seeing some of his previous work, and we definitely made the right decision. He worked with us on our vision for the video and made it into a reality. Kevin worked on our video very quickly and delivered a professional product that we couldn’t be more pleased with. We will definitely be returning to Kevin for future lyric videos, and I would strongly recommend his work to anyone looking to take their videos to the next level.
— Scenery With Solace
FireZone Productions would like to thank our friend at Kevin Desjardin Art for the great job he did on our lyric video. He was really professional about the whole process and we are glad that he is breaking ground into new music genres. The sky is the limit! Thanks again!
— FireZone Productions
We are proud to have worked with Kevin. Very professional, patient, and open minded. I would recommend Kevin to any band who wants to have a high stunning quality video!
We just decided to announce the release date of our debut single coming up when Kevin Desjardin sent us a message letting us know he’d be available if we needed any work done. We (the band) discussed a lyric video in the past, but decided it was too expensive. We talked with Kevin and he wanted to give us a deal. Once we got everything to him, he started work immediately, because we needed it done three days later and as promised; it was done. Working with Kevin was quick, easy, and smooth. He gave us a high quality video and did some awesome new experimental effects that he’s never done before, which made it even better. In my personal opinion, this is his best work yet. We are very happy we went with Kevin and hope to work with him again. - Dustin/Jacob
— Straight From The Grave
We’re very happy to have worked with Kevin for our Lyric Video. He works fast and professional, is a very friendly person and responds very quickly. The final product was exactly what we had in mind. We can recommend him to any band who’s looking for a lyric video.
— Sending Lights
We very much enjoyed working with Kevin, the results exceeded our expectations, not to mention the quick turn around time. We definitely recommend Kevin to anybody in search of a great and reliable source to get a lyric video done!
— Feign
We’re very happy with the work Kevin has done for Extol! He’s reliable, creative, open for trying out ideas and he keeps his deadlines. We gladly reccomend him to anyone interested in a lyric video!
— Extol
Kevin was extremely fun to work with. Very professional, fast and outgoing. We are very happy with the finished product and recommend him to any band looking for professional videos.
— Eat A Helicopter
It was an honor working with such a talented artist who listened to all of our ideas and brought some great ones himself. If you are looking for a quality designer for your videos, search no further! Kevin is your guy.
— Reckoning Hour
The Room Colored Charlatan wants to thank Kevin Desjardin Art for the production of the lyric video for our single Nexus Point, He was very professional and was able to provide a product that expressed the nature of our music in a creative way. We appreciate how professional and affordable his work is and if you are looking for an artist to help take the promotion of your music to the next level TRCC highly recommends Kevin Desjardin Art.
— The Room Colored Charlatan
We loved working with Kevin! He exceeded our expectations. And he´s pretty fast with his work. We personally think you won´t get any better Videos for that price! We will work with him in the Future and you should do this too!!
— Hate Embraced
We here at Cynicist would like give a much deserved call out to Kevin at Kevin Desjardin Art for doing such an amazing job on our latest lyric video! Not only did his work meet and exceed our expectations, it was delivered on time and within budget as promised. It was a pleasure working with Kevin, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors - cheers! \m/
— Cynicist
Kevin Desjardin is a beast... Works fast and is extremely patient . Couldn’t have asked for a better dude to work with. You will not be disappointed with the final product. Strongly suggest you hit him
— Footage of a Yeti
Just look at Kevin’s past client list and you know his work is going to be good. The price is great, and the work is high quality. When I received the first draft, I was able to give him feedback and it was all changed by the next draft.
— This Divided World, Micah
Kevin is one of the most professional people with whom we have ever worked with. He answered all our questions promptly, kept us updated throughout the video-making process with short samples and had the finished product ready within a week! We gave him free reign creatively and couldn’t be happier with the results. Such friendly, timely and affordable service make working with Kevin a no-brainer.
— The Last Remark
“Kevin is very legit and professional at what he does, we came to him for a great lyric video and we got an awesome product, if you need work Kevin is definitely the man to work with! If you want your work done, professional, fast, fun and worth the budget, he will also make you a deal you can not refuse, so for future references you guys should definitely check out Kevin Desjardin’s awesome brutal work!”
— A Future Corrupt